The Journey

“In life we are either moving forward or backwards, we are never in the same place.” ~ Anthony

My journey began a long time ago as a young college girl. My weight has always been a struggle for me. During my college years and early married life I progressively gained weight. I weighed close to 200 lbs. when I got married and I remember trying to lose unsuccessfully for a number of years. I have had a very blessed life with a wonderful loving supportive husband and we have 2 awesome kids.

Right after our marriage I had several health issues that contributed to my weight gain. I am an asthmatic and was on prednisone (a steroid) about 7 months our first year of marriage and a hyperthyroid. I put on about 40 pounds. Year five of our marriage I lost down to 212 lbs and immediately got pregnant, we had been trying for the past 3 years without success. I gained most of the weight back after I had my daughter and 5 years later I had my son. In 2011 I was at my all time biggest of 256 lbs. I’n May 2012 I went to the Dr. and had blood work done. I previously tried to avoid it because I knew what it would say. I knew in my head my sugar levels had to be high because of the way I was eating. I come from a family history of diabetes. I had already started a “weight loss” program. I was trying the juicing thinking it was a magic diet and I could lose it quick. The tuesday after Memorial day is a day I will always remember because it changed my life. I was called by the nurse and said my numbers were out of control,on my sugars and I needed to schedule an appointment right away. I was devastated and cried for several days thinking it was a death sentence. I was too young I would tell myself. I’m just 45, this can’t be happening to me. I made my appointment and went to the diabetic clinic. I felt like I was the youngest person there! I went back and Anthony told me my A1C number was over 8 which is not good at all. He encouraged me and told me “in life you are either moving forward or back your never in the same place”. Let’s just say that resonated with me big time! He told me I could manage it without medication if I got the weight off, exercised and ate properly. I scheduled an appointment with the nutritionist and began my new journey. I think about the moving forward statement he made all the time. It has really made me think about it in every aspect of my life. I am a Christian and have really thought about Gods best for me is not to be moving backwards. I met with the nutritionist and started moving. I began walking on my treadmill at 3 mph and was winded. I would walk for an hour every night no exceptions. I turned my fear into anger and anger into determination. I started jogging a little and now I am able to run a 12 minute mile. In November around Thanksgiving I joined 24 hour gym with a friend and started going to the spin class. They were running a special for personal trainers and I decided to try it. I had been at a plateau and wanted to keep the scale moving. In the meantime I had gone back to the diabetic clinic and she was so excited because my A1C was down to 6.2 (with 1 pill a day), and I had lost down to 215 pounds. I fell in love with the gym! I love having a personal trainer for this season of my life. I am doing things I never thought I could do! I am down to 207 so the weight loss has slowed down considerably but I keep moving forward. I have learned to not only measure success by the scale but also by the little things. I am now in a size 14/16 pants (down from a 22) and I notice things like squeezing through small spaces while at the stock show in San Antonio, or seeing a smaller shadow while running outside with my daughter. I have learned more about myself than ever. I am learning my triggers and especially how to take care of myself. I learned that I have always put everyone else first and myself last. I now know that in order for me to be there for my family I have to take care of me. I also see how many bad nutrition habits I have taught my children. This has been a great experience because I can teach my children how important exercise and healthy eating is by example. Everyone in my family is getting on the exercise bandwagon! God has used every bit of this journey for good! My goal is to lose 40 more lbs., manage my diabetes through exercise, diet, and being healthy. I decided to blog this journey to record where I have come from and hopefully encourage someone else. I have learned more about nutrition and exercise and realize education is part of the puzzle. I thank God for the journey and may I continue to move forward!



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