Burn baby burn!

I have decided that there are so many adages I can apply to my journey of weight loss!
Input equals output is one i am especially noticing to be true. At the start of this journey I began walking a 20 minute mile and was huffing and puffing through it. I am no speedster now but being able to compete a mile in 12 minutes and run it is a huge accomplishment. I don’t think I ever in my 45 years of living ran a mile….especially in 12 minutes. I am preparing for a 5k in May. I have watched my body go from lazy and slothful to being able to take on some pretty tough challenges. One of the things I have really learned about my body is that God designed us to move. He didn’t ever plan for us as human beings not to enjoy His creation. I had the overwhelming urge yesterday to do a cartwheel…..haven’t given in to that yet but, I bet I try it soon! The past few days I have enjoyed getting outside to do my exercise. I have missed out on sunsets, relationships, quiet time with God and myself. I really see now how my weight robbed me of a fuller life. One really cool thing i noticed on my walks is that my shadow is smaller 🙂 I was always active and involved but I see how it hindered me and held me back from living life to the fullest. I keep,joking about getting a tattoo that says what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Those are some pretty accurate words. The scale seems to be going at a snails pace. I have upped the exercise and have challenged myself to really crack down on the consumption of calories and make it as natural and as clean as possible. I want to encourage you to get moving…..do something even if it’s 15 minutes worth, you never know where it will lead!



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