Biggest loser

I have waited until season 14 to become a Biggest Loser fan! I must confess I had never really watched it before now, partially because I knew I would be convicted! I must say I am hooked and want to watch all the past seasons now. I really connected with Dani and Gina this year. My daughter kept saying “mom Dani reminds me so much of you”. I now have the attitude of killing it at the gym and I am finally starting to believe in myself. I personally think that weight loss is mental, sure it’s eating healthy and exercise but the mind is a battlefield! (isn’t that a song….oh wait it’s Love is a Battlefield). I can’t tell you how many times I wage war with my mind over snacking and eating the wrong things. Maybe there should be an app of Juilian yelling “don’t do it”. I have a renewed focus on getting to my goal. It seems these last 40 lbs. have been the hardest (it’s that mind thing and mental focus). I think these last few weeks of coasting have helped me see that I can not let up now, and it’s not ok to hang on to these 40 lbs. I am really seeing now that overindulging, and obesity is a sin. I know that is harsh and its hard for me to even type but it’s basically not taking care of the temple, it is also for me being selfish because I want it! I will always be like an alcoholic with food but I’m praying it loses it’s grip on me as I continue down this path. I am making great strides in being satisfied. I think I have walked into the kitchen 6 times tonight and turned around talking to myself saying “you are NOT hungry get out of here”.
One major milestone that happened this last week was staying on track while on our church mission trip. I didn’t have a lot of flexibility with meals since they were prepared for us. I tried to stay on target and was able to have success. It is getting easier to choose smaller portions or no bread….it just isn’t worth it for me anymore. I was also excited I was able to help carry, lift and do many other things as we were building a house for a family. A year ago I would never have been able to do any of that! I keep getting reminders to keep on keepin on! I was confronted this,last week with what it would look like if I didn’t take care of my diabetes. There were 3 people on our trip that had diabetes and were older and hadn’t been doing things to manage it in a healthy way. They were hindered in their mobility and weren’t able to be used to their fullest. I don’t wanna be that person! I wanna give all I have to being who God wants me to be, and that’s a healthy, in shape child of God honoring the body He gave me!
On a really awesome note I had a lady give me some clothes that are size 12 and I actually buttoned and zipped them up (they were really tight but they were ON)! I haven’t had that size on in 20 years or more!
Love and encouragement to you, Cathy


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