Milestones measured in small steps

It has been a week of milestones for me. I am so excited I am at 201 lbs that is 57 lbs down! I have been at a plateau for a few months now. I will be so excited when the scale is below 200! I haven’t been this weight in 18 years. These last few months have been a struggle for me. I have been fighting so many emotions along the way, and learning about myself. I have realized like most people I deal with my stress by eating. I eat when I’m sad, happy or mad for that matter. It has always been my crux to run to food. Well this last week was extremely stressful for me and for the first time in years my first response wasn’t to eat the pantry. I love to snack all the time so when the stress comes I grab something. This last week it just wasn’t worth the food or the price i would pay. My prayer is this attitude continues but I know it will come with hard work and dedication. One day last week when life was particularly stressful I chose to go to the gym while the kids went and had pizza. That was a major feat for me and after the gym I felt so much better. Did I want pizza…..absolutely! It would have given me that emotional fix I have always looked for! The milestone is the next morning the scale said 201, and that was far better than any pizza!
Baseball started this week and another awesome thing that happens is when people haven’t seen me in a while they don’t recognize me or they are telling me how good I look. I LOVE that! I also love the fact my family is proud of me! I have been so blessed to hear my sister say she is proud of me….I think it’s a little sister thing that we always want our big sisters approval. I don’t know that I’ve ever told her what that means to me!
Who would have thought that on June 31, 2012 the words you have diabetes would change my world! I think back and I am so glad I chose to fight! I don’t know what struggles any of you may face but I encourage you to keep fighting and walking with God! If you keep fighting those small steps forward will turn into milestones before you know it!


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