One hundred

One hundred what a great combination of words! It can mean any number of things, one hundred dollars, one hundred club, one hundred kisses, but my favorite this week is the beginning numbers of my weight! It has been 18 years since I have been able to say I weigh one hundred…..I am finally under 200 lbs and what a great feeling that is! I am now at 58 lbs. total weight loss. It was so worth the hundreds of lunges, squats, plyos etc… 39 more pounds to go! I sometimes think I’m bordering on obsession with this health kick but I am so thankful God got my attention at how unhealthy I was. I am wanting to learn more and more about nutrition and fitness. It is said that weight loss is 20 percent exercise 80 percent nutrition. It’s the 80 percent that gets me. I struggle with snacking especially in the evening and of course I don’t want to snack on the good stuff! I need to reach a point where it is a non-negotiable on snacking after 7 (or grazing in my case). I was able to reach that non-negotiable with my exercise now I just need to figure this piece of the puzzle out. I am trying to read up, on good snacking because snacking can be good in moderation (don’t we all love that word). Hummus, veggies, protein shakes, and coconut ice cream sandwiches (the little organic 100 calorie ones) have become a go to for me. I am finding it harder to stay in the 1200 calorie range and lean more towards the 1500. I am wanting fast results but didn’t they say the turtle won the race. I keep telling myself slow and steady! It’s when I lose perspective and start thinking negative that I find myself struggling. The old me wants to believe the lies….I’m fat, I’m never gonna make it, you blew it today so just start again tomorrow, etc….I believe that is why it is so important for me to set up stones. I have always loved the bible story in Joshua 4 where the Israelites placed memorial stones to remember Gods faithfulness. I want to look back and see how far He has brought me on this journey because I can not do this in my own strength. I can’t tell you how many times during a brutal workout I am praying for strength and endurance. My trainer actually said to me a few weeks ago as I was doing a really long plank that I looked like I was praying….I was 🙂 i also converse Him when I have the munchies and my willpower is nil because I know He is my strength. I have also learned to extend grace to myself and when I do fail and I do, I just get back up again and lay another stone down! It’s during those times I try to remember the journey.
I saw a couple of quotes this week that resonated with me.

I am
Two of the most powerful words; for what you put after them shapes your reality.

I want to shape it with positive thoughts like I am strong, I am able to do this thing, I am a child of God
Below is the second motivational quote.

Thanks to those who listen to my constant focus on health and nutrition. May it never lose its newness!



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