Ups and downs

I have decide there are lots of ups and downs to this weight loss process. It’s just that a process. I have been back and forth battling getting down on myself because it seems like this journey isn’t progressing fast enough. Today was my check up with the diabetes Dr. and I was hoping for good news. I was wanting to get off my medication due to great numbers and lifestyle changes. I woke up back at 201 and no it wasn’t water retention or too much salt etc…. (more on that later) my A1C numbers were great (5.7) and scale was down 13 lbs since last visit (6 months ago). I have been really taking a hard look inside myself these last few days and doing an evaluation of what I am doing day to day. I have a new toy the body bug by body media (worn by biggest loser contestants.) Let me say that it is a wonderful tool that measures all my activity – even sleep! I plug in my nutrition and it even breaks down what I am eating most of by showing graphs. Awesome tool! One thing I realized the first few days is I wasn’t moving enough! I was expecting to really hit that target with the trainer, running, and gym. I am close to my daily goals but I’ve got to get my booty up and moving and less sitting. So back to Dr. appointment, I was pretty bummed out that I wasn’t taken off meds or that I hadn’t kept my goal of 8 lbs a month. I got in the truck and yes cried. Expectations and reality tend to do that and all I could see was I have been working so hard and a voice said to me have you really. I must confess I have been rolling the idea around that I am deceiving myself in the area of nutrition and eating. I am not keeping a food journal whereas when I started I was religious about writing everything down, I see now how I have been fudging…..if not the scale would show it. I saw an inspirational message this week that losing weight is 20% exercise and 80% nutrition. Yep got the message today! I am now tracking everything that goes in my mouth! I actually went 104 calories over my 1200 calorie goal today. We are our own biggest liars. I can talk myself into or out of how good or bad I am doing. Well the journal won’t lie so here’s to a recommitted girl! I heard the song changed by Rascall Flatts today shortly after leaving the Dr. and I thought how appropriate. Loved the words and they really spoke to me! One thing I know after today and I believe God has shown me I have to treat this as if I were at war. I need to wage war on the snacking at night and have a battle plan. I need to wage war on my flesh that wants what it wants. I need to fight the battle of cravings and not passively think oh I haven’t had all my calories. My battle plan needs to include journaling, scripture memory, and a plan on how to escape certain situations,
On a good note my A1C is almost normal. I was reminded today by my husband that I am still moving forward even though it’s slow and realizing what I need to change is moving forward as well. I ended the day on a good note with the trainer. I did 45 lunges each leg with 15 lbs on the pull machine, jump roped for a solid minute and 2 shorter sets (that is pretty darn good since I could only do 30 jumps 2 weeks ago and they were with an extra hop) I did lots of other stuff but the best was mountain climbers with residence bands on the feet…and yes it was 100! Then stopped at the track and ran my mile and walked/ran the remaining 2. (may not move in the morning) I am going to continue to focus on the good and see all the good things and changes I have made because its all in Gods time. I am CHANGED by the grace of God and will make it to that place where I will stand on the principles I’ve learned along the journey.

link to the video!



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