It’s been a few weeks since my last blog post because things have been crazy busy. My husband and I are getting ready to watch our daughter graduate in a few weeks. Where does time go! I have had several epiphanies the last few weeks. I am still working out with a trainer and I can honestly say for the first time in a long time I love who I am, and who I am becoming! I believe that when you take care of the body and get fit it makes you believe in yourself! I feel strong and confident now.
Just a glimpse of my workouts:
Hack squats with 2-25 lb plates 3 sets of 20 – yes OUCH!
RDL with a 60 lb. bar 3 sets of 15
Jump rope 150 jumps 3 times during workout
Calves with 25 lb plate
Shoulder press
Arm raises with 20 lb. bar 3 sets of 15
Bi-cep curls 3 sets of 15 with a 20 lb. bar
Plank Ab work on ball 20
Ab Plank tuck 20
And stuff I don’t have a clue what to call it. The bottom line is I am stronger than ever, and I believe this weight loss goal is now possible! I use motivational quotes and blogs to keep me motivated! I am trying to surround myself with positive reinforcement that I will achieve my goal! One thing that really motivates me is seeing the scale under 200 lbs!
My trainer has learned to motivate me through pushing me and through praise! I would recommend getting a trainer to anyone, and don’t wait til you are in a little better shape. They are there to help you get started! It’s the best thing I ever did!

That was the physical side now onto the mental. I still believe the mind is the biggest challenge I face and it is now more evident than ever it is warfare! We recently had revival at our church and my eyes were opened in many ways to this battle I face! The preacher said there are 3 things we need to remember.
1. things are not always what they seem.

We let so many outside factors define who we are and what we see. For years I defined myself as the fat girl or I would choose to lie to myself and say it wasn’t that bad.

2. We are at war.

The battleground is your heart.

3. Your part is important.

The choice of man is the most powerful force in the universe.

Satan wants us to believe the lie, and we give him power every time we believe him. Things like I’m not good enough, I can’t do this, I will always be fat, etc. etc. I spent years believing lies about myself. Now that I am starting to see the lies it has become war. Satan wants me and us to live a defeated life. I can honestly say I battle everyday the old woman that believed the lie for so long. I don’t think we give Satan enough credit. My friend pointed out to me Sunday I have been under attack and I was battling spiritual warfare. I was telling her about my week. It was teacher appreciation week at school and my kids brought me (are you ready for this list….jelly belly beans (a 32 ounce cup full), a bag of dove chocolate candy, box of m&ms, a big mason jar of m&ms, raisenettes, homemade brownie bars, I won a peach pie in the teacher drawing, a gift card to chick fila, and I know I’m leaving off a few things. Did I mention I am a chocoholic, and peach pie is my favorite and I LOVE jellybellys! I have been so focused on my goal and using my body bug that I knew I was in trouble! I bagged up my goodies (left a few things for the kids) and I took it straight to my trainer. (he is trying to gain a few lol) I was telling my friend what happened and she laughed and said “girl that is warfare!”. I started to process that and thought wow she’s right. How many times have I been unprepared to fight the battle. I am working on the outer strength but I realize now I need to be ready mentally to do battle!

In Romans 8:37 it says we are more than conquerors through him who loved us!
2 Cor. 10:3-5
Eph. 6:12 Our struggle is not against flesh and blood!

I am preparing the outer body with the fitness and exercise and I see now more than ever I need to prepare the heart and mind to be on guard and ready to do battle!
I have been so blessed by all the encouraging words everyone has posted on my FB page. I am amazed and humbled that God is allowing me to be an encouragement to others! Keep fighting whatever battle you face because God is the ultimate victor! I am playing around with starting a Christian weight loss page on FB where I can post all the things I have learned and I can use it strictly for weight loss and motivation.

God bless and stay strong!


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