I saw this today and had to laugh because I keep telling my trainer your pictures gonna be on the wall when I am at goal. I am realizing that when I reach goal it’s not over. There is a lady at the gym that inspires me to keep moving and progressing. She is so toned and there is not an ounce of fat on her. The reason she is that way is because of her dedication. She is at the gym everyday and she’s not lolly gagging around either. She is dripping sweat and lifting or doing cardio with a determination. I have been with the trainer since the end of November and at the gym since October. My body is transforming before me! I’m going to pull one of my favorite quotes since I’m talking about transforming. It’s from the movie Transformers “50 years from now when your looking back on your life, don’t you wanna say you had the guts to get in the car”! Well I wanna not only get in the car but I wanna own it and drive it like there’s no tomorrow! I realized today while working with Jared that I am so competitive, even when it’s just me. I struggles with shoulder presses today and was so disgusted with myself after that the negative self talk started. Funny how that voice in your head comes to life quickly saying “you couldn’t even do that” or “you haven’t progressed your weak”. I told a friend recently that it’s a good thing she carries a big stick so she can beat those negative thoughts away and put Satan where he belongs! I need to start carrying a big stick! The transformation is happening to the physical, mental, and emotional! I am working on all 3 phases! It is so important to figure out why you do what you do. Half the battle of weight loss happens in the mind! The weight loss is still slowly progressing. A stomach bug helped this last week 😉 I really struggle with snacking in the evening, especially when I’m dealing with stress. This week my daughter graduates from high school and it’s crazy busy at our house. If its not baseball practice, games, banquets, party’s, cleaning house…… It’s something else. I really want to get to the place where it’s not calling my name, or if it does it’s something like cucumbers or celery! The stress isn’t going away so I need to learn to manage it, carry a big stick and continue to work out. I am not a patient person and I want it NOW! (there’s that thinking again) I just wanna keep my eye on the prize and everyday I want to get up and get in the car! Whatever your motivation is keep moving and progressing! Don’t wait to get in the car! It is so worth it and I’m not even there yet!


One thought on “Transformation

  1. Keep it up and press on! To keep your diet up allow a ‘cheat meal’ to allow yourself mentally to keep it up/look into high intensity interval training to burn more calories during and after a work out. It increases the burn and takes less time. Hope to help you continue on your fitness journey through my posts.

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