Lessons I learned at summer church camp

Found this and realized I hadn’t uploaded yet so hope you enjoy!
These were my thoughts after camp but just now getting to post! Needed to revisit this today!

The summer of fun! Well it looks to be another adventure for the Foremans. We just got home from an amazing week at Student Life Camp in Denton,Texas. God showed himself to each of us this past week. I was so blessed to see my youngest son stand up at church and give testimony to how God moved in his life. We really focused on the Joy of the Kingdom. What a joy it is to see my children walking in truth. This world is not our home and our joy should be evident of that. I love the camp experience where you are free to be a kid, worship with abandon, and dig deep into Gods word. I will say that in the last 25 years college dorms have not changed. There is nothing like a cramped space on a vinyl mattress and sharing a bathroom that brings people together. This camp was bittersweet for us since this is Emily’s last camp as a high school student. I was able to see prayers answered. I had been praying that Brady’s relationship would grow deeper and I was able to see that firsthand. He was truly burdened this past week about witnessing to his friends. Enough about the kids. There was one particular thing God revealed to me this past week. I have been on this weight loss journey and I have the last bit to go and it doesn’t seem to want to come off. I realized I need to give God 100 percent of my wants over to Him. I am hanging on to the I want to and I deserve it. Landon Dowden the camp preacher for the week basically said when we live in sin (my attitude was the I want this and I am in control) we are going into the thrown room and telling God to get off because I want this. That was like a light bulb going off and it broke my heart. God wants it all and if I’m going to have victory I have to open my hands and let Him have it. God also moved in Emily’s live giving her a burden for missions. She doesn’t know what that looks like yet but as she said we are all called to be missionaries everyday! I want to encourage you to think about these three questions…..

1.) Who is Jesus?
2.) Is He your King?
3.) Can others tell?

Blessings Cathy


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