Absence of 1

Week 2 of our daughter being away at college and when I stop to think about it I still catch my breath and try not to tear up. Emily turned 18 on August 15 and moved to school the next week. Our firstborn is growing up! It is possibly one of the hardest things to do, yet one of the most exciting. As we drove away after helping her get settled, the 3 of us (her dad, brother, and myself) cried. It was such a special time for us shopping for her new place, hanging curtains and pictures, and best of all the quiet talks about life. The years pass so quickly and it’s here before you can blink. Each of us are given a set number of days with our children if we’re lucky, and in the moment we don’t realize how quickly it’s passing. The most rewarding thing for us as parents is to see our daughter embrace all we have taught her and live this new adventure with confidence in who she is and who she belongs to. It’s the little things we are starting to notice now, like setting out a place setting for 4 at dinner. Last night I had 4 plates and 4 forks set out for dinner and it was a bittersweet moment knowing the table will never look the same. You notice the little things like less laundry to fold and hang up, less groceries to buy, her room staying clean, and on and on. I could focus on her not being here in body and get wrapped up in being sad but how exciting is it to see life through the young. Now I get to hear the excitement in her voice as she calls me daily to tell me of something funny, random, or to ask how to get somewhere. To watch from the outside as she makes new friends, and calls us with excitement over things like pond hopping on campus, or worshiping with her peers at her first Breakaway is a joy for us knowing we have raised a young Godly woman of character. She has begun her big adventure as a Texas Aggie. Twenty five plus years ago I remember being dropped off at my dorm room being scared and excited about my future. Its funny how then I didn’t think about what my parents were going through, I was too excited about life, isn’t that how were supposed to live it, getting up daily thankful for the blessings focusing on all God has to offer. It’s an exciting time for all of us if we are focused on the here and now. There may only be 3 of us in the house now, but that means one on one time with little brother and we all know little boys need lots of that.
I am excited she chose Texas A&M. It was an awesome school 25 plus years ago and even more so now that it has my daughter. It is fun getting to watch through her eyes now as she experiences the traditions from the yells to the Aggie code. Being an Aggie is a special thing, and they mean it when they say “you become a part of the Aggie family”. So my prayer is they take care our “little girl” because she will always be that to us! I understand my parents a little more everyday and just some of the things they went through.

Always remember who you are and who you belong to because He is all we need!
Blessings and Gig Em’



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