When the enemy tells you you’re going to fail at something, do it anyway. Nothing is more frightening than never changing.

I have been burdened lately by those struggling with making the changes to live a healthy, fit lifestyle. I spent the last 20 years in bondage to my weight. I was always looking at the mountain thinking it was too big. My mountain was my weight and my health. All I saw was the huge number I had to lose. I was looking at a weight loss of 100 pounds. I was out of shape, and sick all the time. I have had asthma all my life, and was always sick with allergies and sinus. It was normal for me to get sinus infections every couple of months that went into bronchitis. I lived on steroids for my asthma for several years because it was out of control. I also developed high blood pressure with my pregnancies that stayed with me after the birth of my second child. I couldn’t see a way out. I love the statement I started the blog with because I spent years doing nothing believing the lie. I use to watch Dr. Phil and I always remember one show in particular where he said a year from where are you gonna be? You have the choice, you can be closer to your goal, or stay the same. I always wanted change but couldn’t see a way out. The catalyst of getting Diabetes, and the fear of what that life meant for me if I didn’t make changes scared me into change. I don’t know what mountain your facing but IT CAN BE MOVED! I want to encourage you to take those steps no matter how small they may be because you will look back one day, and you’ll be a little further down the road. It hasn’t been an easy journey. There are battles along the way, but I am worth the fight, and so are you! People see me now and I think they see the new me, and not the girl that would cry on the treadmill because she didn’t want to exercise, or the girl that would get so angry because I couldn’t have the food I wanted. I can’t tell you how many fits and temper tantrums I have had this past year but through it all I fought! Don’t ever give up fighting. Satan wants us to live defeated lives but let me tell you victory is only a decision away. Here are a few things I do to help me succeed.
1. Surrounded myself with those that support you and encourage you. (I happen to have an awesome family that has been with me every step of the way,).
2. I was transparent
When I was struggling with wanting to exercise or needed help with self control I would reach out to someone or hit my knees!
3. Everyday I look up inspirational quotes and follow blogs that will inspire me to take on the day.
4. I journal! Part of the process was figuring out why I did what I did. I have learned so much about myself through the process.
5. I look back often! Just like the Israelites did in the Old Testament I have put down remembrances to remind me of how far I have come. Every small step,forward is progress.
6. I have talked about this one before but I have things that are non negotiable.
A. I have to have some form of exercise everyday.
B. I must track my sugars or carbs.
C. I will track my food to keep myself in check.

I want to encourage you to keep fighting the good fight. There is victory on the other side of the mountain! If a 45 year old wife and mother of 2 can do this thing so can you! You have to believe in yourself and keep fighting!




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