No secret formula

I can’t tell you how many times I was asked what I have done these last few weeks. People want to know “What are you doing?” We’ll there is no secret answer. I have noticed over the years there are so many “diets” out there that claim to be the “one”. There is the old grapefruit diet, the cabbage diet, the Adkins, as well as hundreds of others. I have learned the secret and it’s pretty simple……..are you ready……calories in = calories out! I think that is one reason it’s so hard! I know I have complicated the process with my over thinking! I realized this last year it’s all science! It takes 3,500 calories to lose 1 pound, so that means I must have a deficit at the end of the week. I generally keep my calorie count at 1200-1400 calories per day. I then exercise for 50 minutes a day (on busy days 30). I train with my trainer 2 times a week and the rest of the week is cardio. I keep the Sabbath Holy and give my body rest one day a week. I use the app on my phone called my fitness pal and when I use it, it works fabulous! It has taken lots of “blood, sweat, and tears to get to this place of understanding. I think that’s why I plan to go back to college and study nutrition, it is a simple formula and it works. I have now learned to look at the calories I’m consuming and balance my plate a little better. I know I have to have a healthy balance of nutrients, not just processed sugary carbs. Its the whole knowledge and wisdom thing. I’m going to borrow a line from the ceremonies at an FFA meeting that ring true here: “without labor, neither knowledge or wisdom can accomplish much”. I am married to an ag teacher and have heard that small part of the opening ceremony for their meetings a hundred times, but it keeps rolling around in my head now. I have to put my knowledge and wisdom to work. I can’t read all the health and nutrition blogs, articles, and stories and lose weight. I can’t read up on great workouts, or watch a training session at the gym to learn how. I must labor. I must have a plan and follow through. I want to tell those that ask me all the time “how did you do it?” There is no secret answer, it took perseverance and hard work. It wasn’t easy and it didn’t happen fast. As a matter of fact there are bumps in the road and ups and downs. I happen to be in a down right now, but I know I have to get back up, and keep trying. I cannot let the old me win. I am also reminded of the Proverbs 29:18 where there is no plan the people perish. I went into last week with half a plan. I knew I needed to be ready but didn’t want to “labor”, and the results were what I put into it. So to answer the question…..How did I do it?” I planned and worked even when I didn’t want to. Even when I don’t want to (the place I’m at now). I went to the gym this evening and didn’t want to, it may not have been a perfect week last week, or a perfect workout today but I showed up. I want to encourage you to keep,showing up and the results will follow! Make a plan, set a goal, and succeed. The time will pass anyway so why not make it be about a stronger, better, healthier you! Keep showing up and soon people will be asking you “how did you do it?”


One thought on “No secret formula

  1. Cathy, I just wanted to say thank you for posting about your efforts. It’s been great to read and so helpful as I try to make sure I get to and keep at healthy weight.

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