4 Weeks of Digging Deep

Monday started my less than 4 week major crack down on my diet.  I shared before that I have slowly let the scale move back up and I have found all the new clothes I bought after losing so much weight are snug (not going to have that).  I am going to have to dig deep and stay committed to the process for the next 26 days…We are going on our big camping vacation mid June and I refuse to buy bigger clothes just to be comfortable.  I have really cracked down on the eating and I am trying to make better choices.   I find its not the meals that get me, its the snacking or “nibbling” here and there that really add up!  My family has really been encouraging me to beat this thing and helping me stay accountable and I can’t thank them enough.  We all need a support system and some form of accountability. I have found that my family helps me in their own quirky way.  True story here….We were having dinner one night at a great barbecue place and I got a peach cobbler with ice cream to share with my daughter.  My phone goes off (we don’t use technology during meal time) and my son says hey mom your phone went off, you need to look at it…..he texted me my weight…..that cobbler didn’t taste that good after that.  He is awesome at making me laugh or encouraging me by challenging me. My daughter on the other hand encourages me by trying to eat as clean as possible with me.  I don’t see her as much since she is in college but when we are together if she sees me struggling she will lay her hand on me and just says “mom”.  She has such a sweet way of reminding me.  Through all this I have incorporated my family and I couldn’t do it without them.  One new thing that I am doing that really helps the snacking at night is walking with my husband.  Everything I do usually has a purpose.  When I am walking it’s to warm up to go run, or I am getting ready to weight train or work out, but never do I walk for just walking to enjoy my surroundings.  My husband has cerebral palsy and has a limp and we are preparing for a hiking vacation this summer in Montana.  To encourage him and help him be ready for all our crazy hikes he has been walking at night.  He is an amazing guy that lets nothing stop him.  He does move slower than most and struggles with some tasks due to lack of flexibility. We walked 2 miles tonight just enjoying each other laughing and racing each other to the driveway.  I don’t tell him enough but after 25 years of marriage he is still my rock and my inspiration. I see the things he has accomplished and I find I have no excuse but to keep trying.  I have a goal of 10 pounds in the next 4 weeks and the only way I can achieve it is by leaning on those that are walking with me in this battle.  I hope you have a source of encouragement and motivation.  Find one and reach out to those around you if not, it can make all the difference in the world.

Blessings, Cathy

You are braver than you believe,

Stronger than you seem,

Smarter than you think


Loved more than you’ll ever know.

-A.A. Milne


Ups and downs

I have decide there are lots of ups and downs to this weight loss process. It’s just that a process. I have been back and forth battling getting down on myself because it seems like this journey isn’t progressing fast enough. Today was my check up with the diabetes Dr. and I was hoping for good news. I was wanting to get off my medication due to great numbers and lifestyle changes. I woke up back at 201 and no it wasn’t water retention or too much salt etc…. (more on that later) my A1C numbers were great (5.7) and scale was down 13 lbs since last visit (6 months ago). Continue reading

Biggest loser

I have waited until season 14 to become a Biggest Loser fan! I must confess I had never really watched it before now, partially because I knew I would be convicted! I must say I am hooked and want to watch all the past seasons now. I really connected with Dani and Gina this year. My daughter kept saying “mom Dani reminds me so much of you”. I now have the attitude of killing it at the gym and I am finally starting to believe in myself. I personally think that weight loss is mental, sure it’s eating healthy and exercise but the mind is a battlefield! (isn’t that a song….oh wait it’s Love is a Battlefield). I can’t tell you how many times I wage war with my mind over snacking and eating the wrong things. Maybe there should be an app of Juilian yelling “don’t do it”. Continue reading